Friday, September 7, 2007



Hey its mouse. If you don't already know I go to Harpers Ferry Middle School. We have our own football team.Yesterday we had our first home game. We played against the Romney Trojans. It was so cool people got tackled and headbutted and we had a screaming crowd.(of course I was part of that crowd.) But this is the best part WE WON. YEAH GO TIGERS.


Hey In case any one is wondering the reason I changed my back ground colors is because my school colors are blue and white so I had to get into school spirt with school starting and everything. Oh and just a warning A might change my colors a lot depending on the stuff I post. OK
This is Gypsy. She has been bugging me to blog for months. She said I read to much and not post enough.So I have now made an oath to myself to blog every time i finish a book and after any thing interesting I do. So this post is for Gyps. I promise I will post more often starting right now.
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Friday, June 29, 2007

Reading and Books

Some people say reading is stupid ,that it is a waste of time. I think otherwise.I personally think reading teaches you more than school. It opens your mind to new things, new experiences. It is a good way to pass time and a great hobby. My friends say that I read to much . My mom sais you can't read to much. So I disagree with both and " just" read. I think everyone should" just" read. Not for school or to have fun. But " just" read. Here are a list of my favorite books . I hope you will try to read one or two of these books and to let you know Inkspell is the followup of Inkheart. There is soon to be Inkdeath but that's later.

1.) The Artemis Fowl series

2.) The Harry Potter series

3.) Inkheart

4.) Inkspell

5.) Hitler's Daughter

Friday, June 15, 2007


Today we went to walmart so mom can get a memory card for her camera. then we went back to the outlet mall so dad could get a pair of shoes and so me and Layla can get a couple of shirts.Then we went to lunch at Logan's. i got a buffalo chicken sandwich. It came with a side of Homemade potato chips. They gave us free drink refills and the best yeast rolls. After lunch we came home and took naps. Me and Layla watched a movie then went to the pool. I'll keep you posted about tomarow.


Still no beach

We still can't go to the beach but we can go shopping. Mom Layla and I went shopping at the outlit mall. We got some shoes, sweatshirts,regular shirts, lunch and a sample of fudge. Then we went swimming in the pool. I am so sad since tomarow is our last day at the beach. I will keep you updated of what is happening tomarow.


No More Beach

Since we are all toasted we decided not to go to the beach instead we went to a Garden. It wasn't just any garden it was The Brookgreen Gardens. Brookgreen Gardens is 9000 acres of land with either flowers , sculptures or animals. Then we took a walk around historical Georgetown SC. Then we went home for DINNER.